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Podia ser pior!
Luiz Fireball

sexta-feira, agosto 31, 2001

Agora minha vida já tem data pra voltar ao bom e velho estilo:
Dia 10 de Setembro.
Segundo me informaram foram várias negociações da Santa Casa com o SUS pra rever a tabela e marcaram data pra reiniciar o atendimento e as cirurgias.
Isso é bom. Muito bom.
Sempre gostei muito de ASCII art.
Mas isso me surpreendeu.
Coisa medonha:
Descobri que LuLu Camargo é nome de homem.
Essa internet é foda.
Ainda bem que não xavequei...
Perfect Day
Lou Reed

Just a perfect day
drink Sangria in the park
And then later
when it gets dark, we go home

Just a perfect day
feed animals in the zoo
Then later
a movie, too, and then home

Oh, it's such a perfect day
I'm glad I spend it with you
Oh, such a perfect day
You just keep me hanging on
You just keep me hanging on

Just a perfect day
problems all left alone
Weekenders on our own
it's such fun

Just a perfect day
you made me forget myself
I thought I was
someone else, someone good

Oh, it's such a perfect day
I'm glad I spent it with you
Oh, such a perfect day
You just keep me hanging on
You just keep me hanging on

You're going to reap just what you sow
You're going to reap just what you sow
You're going to reap just what you sow
You're going to reap just what you sow

quinta-feira, agosto 30, 2001

Visito o blog do Bernardão quase todos os dias. Foi o primeiro blog que vi na vida e acho o melhor de todos.
Só tem uma coisa que me intriga:
Há mais de um mês ele está assistindo ao filme Gattaca.
Porra! Que diabo de filme comprido que é esse?
Baddest Of The Bad
The Reverend Horton Heat

I'm the baddest of the bad
Since you've been gone,
The baddest of the bad,
Since you've been gone.

I lay around here
And I just drink beer
The baddest of the bad,
Since you've been gone.

Everything is bad including me,
But being bad is good policy,
It protects me from your past,
'till your memory's gone at last
Everything is bad including me.

Young girls and gin may be the cure,
Young girls and gin may be the cure,
I'm talking just as good as you stay pure,
Young girls and gin may be the cure.

I'm the baddest of the bad
Since you've been gone,
The baddest of the bad,
Since you've been gone.

I lay around here
And I just drink beer
The baddest of the bad,
Since you've been gone.

The baddest of the bad,
Since you've been gone.
The baddest of the bad,
Since you've been gone.
Esse sequestrador do Sílvio Santos age igualzinho aos caras dos filmes de Hollywood.
Parece uma piada de gringo.
Mas se o sujeito tiver assistido Swordfish o homem do baú tá fudido.
Ontem fui de ônibus pro trabalho.
Eu lá no ponto e chega um velho, de camisa preta, suspensórios e cinto (o que faz uma pessoa usar suspensórios e cinto?) e já faz a pergunta de sopetão:
" Você é médico? "
Tudo começou aí.
O cara era fanho, chato, crente e cuspia falando.
Ficou me atazanando debaixo do sol quente e contando todas as doenças que ele já tinha tido na vida e que haviam sido curadas por Jesus.
Quase virei crente, na boa.
Já no hospital o Cabeção, meu colega de residência, me deu a resposta mágica:
" Não, sou empurrador de maca."
Topa tudo por dinheiro

O cara sequestrou a fiota, ganhou uma grana, matou dois meganhas e usou um terceiro de escudo, fugiu da polícia escalando 9 andares de um prédio e ainda invadiu a casa do Sílvio Santos.
Como diz o Bernardão from Outer Space:
"O cara é o James Bond."

quarta-feira, agosto 29, 2001

Depois que eu citei o Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers aqui, um monte de gente me perguntou o que era um "Teddy Boy".
Pois bem, encontrei este texto por aí que é muito explicativo...

(by Rocking Pete)

The Teddyboy emerged in the 1950s as Britain was coming to the end of post-war austerity and represented the first face of British youth culture. The consumer boom of the 1950s America did not reach Britain until the 1960s but nevertheless working class teenagers could for the first time afford good clothes, a bicycle or motorcycle and entertainment. The clothing that the Teddyboys wore was designed to shock their parents' generation. It consisted of an Edwardian style drape jacket, much too 'camp' for a working class man, suede Gibson shoes with thick crepe soles, narrow 'drainpipe' trousers, a smart shirt and a loud tie - usually of the 'Slim Jim' or bootlace type. The trademark drape jacket was not as impractical as it seems. Not only did it act as a badge of recognition but, as it was made of woollen cloth with lots of pockets, its kept it's owner warm as he hung around in the street and was also good at concealing weapons and alcohol. The Teddygirls adopted American fashions such as toreador pants and circle skirts, although they tended to wear low cut tops to make themselves look less prissy. Girls wore ponytails and the boys tried a number of experimental hairstyles, the most favourite being the overblown quiff with a DA (ducks arse) at the back.

The Teds fully embraced the American Rock and Roll music that hit Britain and the British bands that adopted the same style. The Teds were, however, shadowy figures at the dancehalls, lurking around the bars, bopping around and drinking. They formed gangs who sometimes had a common uniform like a particular colour of jacket or socks. For the most part, violence and vandalism was not too serious by modern standards, and exaggerated by the media, but there were instances of serious gang warfare with razors and knives. Some Teddyboys had fascist tendencies and were involved with gangs of youths that attacked the West Indians that emigrated to Britain in the mid Fifties. This racism was the most unfortunate of the Teddyboy's tendencies and it closed off much American Rock and Roll to them. This was their loss as a lot of white covers of Afro-American songs were very poor by comparison with the originals.

The British pop boom of the 1960s brought new music and new youth culture. The Teddyboys that remained began to devote more attention to Rock and Roll music, which they at first took for granted. The first Rock and Roll pubs appeared as did the Rockers who liked the same music and rode powerful British motorcycles. Teds and Rockers got on well with each other and the leather motorbike jacket became the normal wear for many Teddyboys and Teddygirls for daytime use and for rough pubs. The bike jacket could protect against motorcycle accidents, razor attacks and spilt beer in a way that the drape jacket never could.

The 1970s saw Glam Rock and Rockabilly styled bands appear in Britain and, although the Teds despised most of this music, it brought a resurgence of interest in Rock and Roll and new venues appeared. Many teenagers bought second hand drape jackets, hid the moth holes with badges and became the new generation of Teddyboys and Teddygirls. British Rock and Roll bands developed their own style, using guitar blues and rockabilly to give their music more bite. Rock and Roll pubs would put on bands of this type and also play original 1950s records. This, the dancing and the beer created an unique entertainment experience. The Seventies also saw the appearance of the Rockabilly. Basing their look on poor white boys from the American South, they adopted the Confederate Flag as their emblem, and avoided rock and roll that was based on blues sounds or performed by black artists. Rock and Roll disk jockeys stopped playing music that Rockabillies didn't like and the Teds realised that they had new rivals for their Rock and Roll venues. There were a lot of fights and many Rock and Roll venues closed.

The 1980s were a lean time for Teds, who carried on much as they had in the Seventies. However the difficulty of finding venues led to British bands sharpening up their act and some of the new bands produced the best British Rock and Roll music ever. The Thatcher regime was an enemy of creativity, and youth cults of all types faded in the mid Eighties as low working class employment and wages led to teenage apathy and pointless riots.

In the 1990s the Teds and Rockabillies buried the hatchet, and any remaining racism amongst Teddyboys evaporated, leading to the emergence of Teddyboys in the rest of Europe where Rock and Roll has always been popular. The original Teddyboys were by now too old for violence and those that appeared in the 1980s were not interested in fighting. This led to a new type of safer Rock and Roll event where people could feel comfortable without Rock and Roll clothes or leathers. However, it would be wrong to assume that all modern Rock and Roll venues are glorified dance clubs. Many a night of drunken fun can be still be had dancing to Rock and Roll and the music is better than ever. Records sell on merit rather than star quality, and disk jockeys play CDs and vinyl disks of 1950s piano boogie , 1990s German rockabilly and Elvis back to back. Mention has to be made of 'The Flying Saucers' 'Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers' 'Lucas and the Dynamos' 'Jive Street', and Pollytone Records who organise the Teddyboy Weekenders.

The sight of children and teenagers in drape jackets and circle skirts suggests that Teddyboys and Teddygirls will still be seen for a long time yet.

terça-feira, agosto 28, 2001

Depois de assistir a todas as confusões que envolveram o site Bonsai Kitten e os seus gatinhos encolhidos, meu grande amigo Reverendo Therencio tentou fazer o mesmo com seu bichano Roscoe e se deu muito mal.
Sílvio Santos vem aí.

Soltaram a filha do Sílvio Santos e eu fiquei impressionado com a imbecilidade da criatura.
Ela falou, falou, falou e parecia um sermão de igreja crente. Não dizia absolutamente nada.
Com uma média de 27 "deus" por minuto, falou mal do pai e elogiou os sequestradores.
Deviam ter matado uma desgraça dessas.
Graças ao grande fella BinhoMan que gentilmente hospedou esse logotipozinho vagabundo que eu fiz este site agora está mais apresentável.
Valeu cara!

segunda-feira, agosto 27, 2001

Discão do dia:
Crazy Cavan 'n' the Rhythm Rockers - Crazy Times
Esse disco é um dos melhores da minha vida. Fiquei um tempão sem ouví-lo, o que me dá uma sensação de ter perdido alguma coisa.
São 28 músicas do mais puro "Teddy Boy Rock", imperdível.
"Teddy jive", a melhor de todas.
Situação desagradável:

1. Paciente com câncer gástrico avançado acometendo a cabeça do pâncreas.
2. Paciente é submetido a cirurgia de Whipple, que dura 7 horas.
3. Paciente evolui bem mas no 5º DPO (dia pós-operatório) desenvolve um abdome agudo e precisa ser reoperado.
4. Durante a segunda cirurgia descobre-se que o paciente tinha um divertículo gigante que aderiu ao retro-peritônio e o abdome agudo foi inflamatório. Nenhuma gota de pus na cavidade; ou seja; a cirurgia anterior havia sido bem sucedida.
5. O paciente volta pro CTI e evolui com SARA (síndrome da angústia respiratória do adulto) no PO (pós-operatório).
6. Ele está com abdome OK, drenos OK mas tem uma sepsis (infecção generalizada) de provável origem pulmonar e agrava muito o seu estado.
7. Apesar de todo o cuidado e dedicação ao paciente a sua família resolve arrumar um culpado dizendo que vai processar a equipe de cirurgia.

Assine o Guestbook ou morra.
Outra versão do Paraíso seria essa.
Se eu fosse deus o mundo seria bem mais divertido.
Se existir mesmo um Paraíso me parece sensato que ele tenha várias versões.
Com certeza uma delas é aqui.

domingo, agosto 26, 2001

Discão do dia
Dizzy Gillespie - The Jazz Masters: Folio Collection
É, eu confesso que amo Be-Bop...
Principalmente o Dizzy tocando trompete como se fosse sax.
"Blue Moon", a melhor de todas.
Project E.U.N.U.C.H.

The Extreme Use of Nearly Universal Cooling Hardware
Um bando de ingleses malucos e beberrões juntaram uma motherboard antigona, um processador Intel 486 SX 25, um freezer e um monte de cervejas...
Fizeram um super overclock na máquina dentro da geladeira com a temperatura de -67ºC até 247 Mhz conseguindo um desempenho compatível com os Pentium atuais!
Sensacional e com um resultado surpreendente!

"There is much excitement flying around the infosphere at the moment about certain individuals accelerating currently available technology to it's absolute limits using super-cooling techniques. While we at TotL Labs are seldom accused of following trends in modern computing, we felt that we could make a significant contribution to this effort. However instead of forcing "state of the art" equipment towards the 1GHz barrier which has so far eluded even the most determined accelernauts and overclockers, TotL has decided to attempt to recreate the performance of a modern PC using some old junk (kipple) found lying around in junk shops.

Our plan was to prove how undervalued "old" computer components really are.

Our conclusions were far more frightening than we could ever have imagined."

Top of Mankind
#8 - Bettie Page
Ela foi a mais incrível pin-up de todos os tempos.
Bettie Page nasceu no Tenesse em 1924 e durante toda a década de 50 fez mais de 20.000 fotos nos mais variados e deliciosos estilos.
Foi considerada uma "pornógrafa" pelo congresso americano mas eu só acho que ela foi a mulher mais maravilhosa que já pisou neste planeta.
Perversa, provocante, linda, sexy, enfim todos os adjetivos do mundo são poucos pra Bettie Page.
Hoje em dia não se deixa fotografar.
Ainda bem, porque deve ter virado um maracujá de gaveta.

"A FireBall foi criada em outubro de 2000, por três profissionais que somam experiências nas áreas de Internet, Marketing e Computação Gráfica.
Especializada em criação de sites e soluções multimídia, realiza um estudo customizado a fim de recomendar a opção que mais se adeqüe à realidade e objetivos do cliente de forma rápida e eficaz."

Sinceramente eu merecia mais que isso.

Outro dia eu estava de bobeira pela web e descobri que a minha Rádio Volta pra 54 FM ainda está funcionando.
E ela continua tão boa como nunca!!!
Ouvi Reverend Horton Heat, Eddie Cohcran, Gene Vincent, The Cramps, Robert Gordon, João Penca, Vince Taylor e outra pérolas...
"Se você tem um Rottweiler de 90 kg que te ama, te adora e vive pra te proteger, não deixe de matá-lo caso ele te morda um dia.
Não há como saber quando ou onde vai ser a próxima mordida."

De um diálogo de Swordfish para a vida toda.