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Podia ser pior!
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sábado, janeiro 26, 2002

10.000 ACESSOS !!!
Obrigado garotas, eu amo todas vocês !!!
Colocaram uma puta de verdade no tal de Big Brother.
Além de concorrer ao prêmio de 500 mil e ganhar o cachê da Playboy quando tudo acabar, a fiota ainda vai poder faturar uma grana dentro da própria casa.
Isso é que é saber ganhar dinheiro...
(C. Perkins)
CARL PERKINS (Sun, 1955)

Well you can't make love to somebody
When you got somebody else on your mind
Oh you can't make love to another
When you try you're just wasting your time
Took my gal by the hand, started dancing
I tried to lose these low down blues I couldn't hide
Yeah, fell in love, the thought of her kept on shining
Oh when you try you're just wasting your time
Oh you can't make love to somebody
When you got somebody else on your mind
Oh you can't make love to another
'Cause when you try you're just wasting your time

Listen boy, ain't no joy when you're lonesome
Troubled time get you off on the wrong track
Listen to a man that's had a lot experience
If you do wrong then you'll never win her back
Well you can't make love to somebody
When you got somebody else on your mind
I said, you can't make love to another
When you try you're just wasting my time
Discão do dia:
The Sharks - Phantom Rockers
Essa banda inglesa é dos primórdios do Psychobilly/Neo-Rockabilly.
Tem no baixão ninguém menos que Stephen Whitehouse, o papa do slap bass, e as faixas do disco são um caso a parte: energia e diversão em estado bruto.
É petardo atrás de petardo e tem até uma cover rocabileira de "It's all over now" dos Stones que quebra tudo.
Discoteca básica pra quem curte o som da época.
"Ghost Train", a melhor de todas.

quinta-feira, janeiro 24, 2002

Tom-B na Macmania #18.
Esse gordo é foda pra caralho.
Túnel do Tempo
Encontrei o site oficial da minha antiga banda perdido no Web Archive.
Caralho !
A combat course by Orm Longarm (Pete Carss) - part 3 of 3.


The weapon should be held as one holds a hammer. Again, it is important that the grip is relaxed as otherwise the hand just gets tired very quickly and poor control soon follows. An aching hand or forearm after five minutes of fighting is a sure sign of too tight a grip on the weapon. If the weapon keeps flying out of your hand, the grip may be too relaxed.

The movement of the weapon is controlled by the thumb and index finger. With just these two fingers and a supple wrist you could probably put a kill anywhere on an opponent's body. The other three fingers give control when pulling a blow and give strength to a parry. The fingers grip the weapon tightly at the instant a blow is pulled or a parry is made.

OK, that's enough for now. In the next issue:

Gasp as you put one foot in front of the other.
Shudder as you get backed over a corpse.
Scream as your authentic footwear slides you into the audience.

O Pentágono (ou o que sobrou dele) confirmou que uma família caipira americana acabou de construir um artefato nuclear de 50 megatons.
O fim está próximo.

"For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the specter of nuclear armageddon looms over the world, as the Pentagon announced yesterday that a group of hillbillies in Western New York has constructed a fully operational 50-megaton nuclear device.
With this potential for destruction in the hands of people who have throughout history acted out violently for no better reason than family tradition, scientists in Helsinki, Finland, have moved the doomsday clock back up to one minute before midnight."

"Granny Vera, the matriarch of the hillbillies in question, released a statement to the media yesterday by yelling across Ol' Thunder Gorge to a group of reporters gathered on the opposite cliff. 'We ain't dealin' with y'all no more!' she said. 'Now that we got us this 'nuke-lar' thing, y'all best stay off our land lest we commence to incin'ratin' folks 'till Hell won't have 'em!'

She also ordered 'rev'nooers' to stay away, and warned 'them prohibition folk' to stop searching for her Pappy's stills"
"Oh mon amour tu es la vague mon l'île nue
Tu vas tu vas et tu viens entre mes reins"

Essa sem dúvida é a frase de música de amor mais bizarra da História.
O que será que o filho da puta do Gainsbourg queria dizer com isso ?
Discão do dia:
The Soviet American Republic - Join the mess or leave the town...
Lembro exatamente o dia em que ouvi isso pela primeira vez. Devia ser 1986 ou 87 num balcão de loja de discos.
Psychobilly alucinado da primeira à última faixa, letras divertidas e um encarte cheio de fotos de motosserras. Isso é que é disco!
Excelente pedida praqueles dias em que você está com vontade de matar alguém e rir muito depois.
"The Mummy's Ghost", a melhor de todas.

quarta-feira, janeiro 23, 2002

O Senhor dos Anéis.
Mais de três horas esquentando a bunda numa poltrona e nenhum peitinho sequer.
Grandes merdas.
Resolveram dinamitar a minha rua hoje. E o bom é que eu só descobri agora, na hora de tirar o carro pra ir trabalhar.
Eu até que gosto de ver tratores e britadeiras destruindo coisas, mas isso é ridículo.
A combat course by Orm Longarm (Pete Carss) - part 2 of 3.


Your combat stance needs to be comfortable and relaxed, but allow fast movement and changes of direction. The stance that the training officers teach is based on a martial arts/fencing stance. The distance between your heels should be about your shoulder width (without shoulder pads). In a defensive stance the foot of the shield-leg points at the enemy while the weapon-leg foot points at 90-degrees to the enemy. The knees are bent to reduce your height by a couple of inches. The back should be straight so that your center of gravity lies directly between them. Your eyes should have a steely glint in them. Your face should have the look of grim determination. Your bulging biceps should... (sorry, got carried away for a moment there). In an aggressive stance the weapon-foot points at the enemy and the shield-leg is at 90-degrees.

The stance needs to be relaxed as this increases your speed of movement and your control. The most common errors people make in their stances are:

a) feet too close together

b) legs too straight

Both raise the center of gravity making the stance more unstable, causing warriors to become unbalanced when fighting. A warrior should also not bend over when fighting as this makes it harder to change direction, exposes the back, and tends to lead to people eating a shield. If you need to make a low strike, widen the stance and bend the knees more.

The shield should be held so that the top edge is below the chin (otherwise eating your own shield becomes a full-time occupation). The shield should be no more than a foot away from the body but not so close as it restricts your movement and hits you every time you parry with it. The art of good shieldwork is to move the shield the minimum distance needed to protect yourself. This makes for a fast and tight defense, so get used to moving the shield just far enough to cover the target areas.
Discão do dia:
The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Vavoom !
Conheço muita gente que não gosta desse disco.
Mas eu o acho quase perfeito, é suingão atrás de suingão executados com perfeição técnica regada a muito Martini...
Sem falar nos dois clássicos da época de ouro requentados: "Mack The Knife" e "In The Mood" com versões fora do comum.
Disco daqueles de ouvir na segunda feira, pra semana toda ficar muito boa.
"Americano", a melhor de todas.
Gostei da treta de ontem entre o Mike Tyson e o Lennox Lewis.
Só que esse povo esqueceu como se ganha dinheiro:
Deveriam ter deixado o pau comer e transmitido tudo ao vivo.
Ia ser do caralho.

"On Tuesday, after video highlights of the two fighters' careers were shown, Tyson was introduced first.
He walked onstage dressed entirely in black, then faced the wing of the stage from which Lewis was to enter. When Lewis, dressed in a gray suit, stepped onto the stage, Tyson rushed him.
People jumped in to keep them apart and it appeared at least one person was hit by a punch. Then, for several minutes, bodies were rolling around and throwing punches until order was restored.
Tyson then strode to the front of the stage, threw his arms into the air in a triumphant stance and made an obscene gesture.
Someone in the audience shouted, `Put him in a straitjacket!' "

terça-feira, janeiro 22, 2002

A combat course by Orm Longarm (Pete Carss) - part 1 of 3.


As with any combat training, this advice is just that: ADVICE. If it makes sense to you, use it. If not, don't.

The first thing you need to do to improve your fighting is to decide to improve your fighting. Make it a conscious decision. It sounds simple, but I'm not just talking about deciding to go training every week. You need to think about how you fight when you're not at training sessions. Work out attacks when you're walking to the shops. Go over how you're getting killed while you're in the bath. Try to find patterns in other warriors' fighting. It helps, honest.

When you're fighting you must fight to win. It does not matter if you are facing the most inexperienced thrall or five training officers out for your blood. If you decide you've lost before a blow is struck, a) you will lose, and b) you will not learn from the fight. When outnumbered three to one, chances are a warrior will die. But if he/she kills all three of the opposition, just once, it makes the 25 times they killed him/her worthwhile. So FIGHT TO WIN.

That is not to say that winning is everything. While fighting you must remember two things:

1) Safety takes precedence over everything else on the battlefield. There are no excuses for putting in a dangerous shot.

2) If your will to win means you don't feel the odd hit, you can be the best fighter in the country but you will always be considered a cheat first.

Right, that's enough of the general stuff. Let's get down to specifics.
MrManson manda com perfeição no Cocadaboa:

"O 'povo' é realmente uma entidade confusa. Nego vive falando que o Brasil vai ser melhor quando matarem todos os políticos, mas quando alguém resolve meter a mão na massa e começar o serviço, todo mundo se comove."
O país inteiro fica no escuro porque um fio arrebentou lá na puta que pariu.
Ainda bem que a Argentina está na merda ou eles teriam nos anexado ontem.
O que faria uma adulta escrever um blog como se fosse um gatinho aleijado ?
A falta de pica provoca mesmo reações estranhas nas mulheres...
Eu fiquei com dó do pobre do gato, que além de ser paralítico ainda tem uma dona retardada.

"Ontem fui na acupuntura e aprontei demais.Não parei quieto um minuto e nao deu prá Tia Bete fazer a aplicação direito em mim.Até coco na mesa dela eu fiz."
The end of the age

Ela roubou meu coração.
E a nossa música de amor é Je T'aime ( moi non plus).

segunda-feira, janeiro 21, 2002

Bikini Girls with Machine Guns

A Internet, essa fábrica de sonhos...
Esta sempre foi uma das minhas obsessões.
Ainda bem que há gente que se preocupa em fazer as pessoas mais felizes.

domingo, janeiro 20, 2002

I put a spell on you !

"In November, prosecutors in Greenbelt, Md., finally indicted Josephine Gray, 55, for her role in the serial murders of her two husbands (in 1974 and 1990) and a boyfriend-cousin (1996), cases that have long been stymied by several relatives' resolute refusal to testify against her out of fear that she would use voodoo on them. (She was not indicted for murder but rather for collecting on the men's life insurance policies after helping arrange their deaths.) One relative of the eventual second victim said Gray could control the man as long as he was eating Gray's cooking but returned to "his old self" when he ate elsewhere. Other relatives said a spell from Gray caused the eventual first victim once to scratch his face to shreds."
[Washington Post, 1-2-01]