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Podia ser pior!
Luiz Fireball

sábado, dezembro 23, 2000

Dias de fúria

A luta do século é:

Pessoal X Profissional

E como sempre eu não tenho a menor idéia do que fazer e comprei um maço de Marlboro: Não me lembrava mais nem como abria o pacote !!!
Pra piorar mais as coisas eu realmente odeio música natalina: Noite Feliz, John Lennon e o caralho !!!! arghhhhh....

(Clint A. Bradley)
BLUE CATS (Rockhouse, 1981)

Live fast, die young
No time to hang around
If you wanna live fast
Then be prepared to die young
Running wild with the gang
Having fun, not caring when
It's time for your number to be up
Watch your life pass you by
Like a bird up in the sky
If you wanna live fast
Then be prepared to die young

Who cares 'bout tomorrow
I know I'll probably go
To the next town
On this burnt out old-old map
Live fast, die young
Who cares, have some fun
If you wanna live fast
Then be prepared to die young
Live fast, die young
Live fast, die young
Live fast, die young
Live fast, die young
Live fast, die young
(Fill your hands, you son of a bitch)
Uma excelente definição de Rockabilly:

Don't confuse the typical radio station, DJ, dance band that claims to play "oldies music" with authentic rockabilly music. Very few of these folks know, understand and actually promote true rockabilly music. Without saying "it's just a feeling," rockabilly is a hard term to pin down. The simplest way may be to describe it as picturing an exciting blend of the blues, country and gospel sounds of American music that were prevalent, up to the mid 1950's. Mix that in with the heavier beat that was becoming more and more a part of pop music of the day and the result was "rock 'n' roll."

So what then is rockabilly?

Let's call it a window. Many young musicians found a sound that appealed to the ears and dancing feet of their generation. The older generation stepped back in amazement. During the time frame of 1955 thru 1960 a unique musical historical window was created. All the musical ingredients that came through that window shined into the souls of American teenagers. "Rockabilly music" WAS THE WINDOW. We will add some name recognition to help illustrate. We've all heard about Elvis' early "Memphis Sound" on the Sun records. This sound captured teen hearts of the fifties and is still recognizable today. Do any of these other names sound familiar? Ricky Nelson, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Bill Haley & The Comets, Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly and Gene Vincent. These are just some of the names of rockabilly artists most people have heard. These talents have been admired for over two generations.

Rockabilly is one of the purist forms of American roots music. It was never a watered-down, homogenized sound designed by corporate record companies to build profits. You can't change something musical that is pure and simple without ruining the result. This unique music is far from a "thing from the past." It is alive today more than ever. In the small venues throughout the world you will find legendary performers and younger musicians in their 20's and 30's playing strictly rockabilly. The same driving guitar licks, frantic vocals, standup bass slap and heavy snare drum backbeat still sound great! Many weekend rockabilly shows are drawing big crowds of all ages and from all countries. Some of the veteran performers are no longer with us, but others are still performing regularly in the US, England and in clubs and concerts throughout the world. Many are coming out of retirement (much to the delight of their sons, daughters and grandchildren) to join the movement to a more simple, happier feeling as the century draws to an close.

The 78-year-old writer of "Rock Around the Clock" was recently quoted as saying, "It amazes me to this day, when I'm at a dance or party and 'Rock Around the Clock' is played, six-year-old kids are jumping up and down and 85-year-old grandmas are tappin' their feet. I don't believe they even realize why they're doing it. This sound has to be timeless." You'll have to admit that rockabilly, the "launching pad of rock 'n' roll," has become a major part of the current music scene as it often resurfaces in bits and pieces of today's tunes. Just listen carefully, you'll hear it and love it.

terça-feira, dezembro 19, 2000

Gostei da idéia do Saran e também fiz a minha rádio online: É a Volta pra 54 FM onde só rola o melhor do puro som da época !! Go cat go !!

segunda-feira, dezembro 18, 2000

O lixo do Adriano Saran inaugurou uma rádio hoje na Usina do Som chamada Chorume FM um nome adequado pra uma rádio dessas...
Mas a programação é OK e hoje eu ouvi por lá B52's.
Esse Saran...
Reverendo Therencio manda avisar:

"Video games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd
all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening
to repetitive electronic music."

Essa merda é ou não é uma descrição dos clubbers ?
O meu novo macacão de chuva importado é uma bosta.
Descobri isso ontem quando peguei um temporal e fiquei parecendo estar todo mijado.
É difícil aceitar que um agasalho tão bonitão e caro seja tão ruim...talvez as chuvas americanas sejam mais sequinhas...sei lá...
Mas nem tudo está perdido: pelo menos fico parecendo o Alexandre Barros e dá pra arrasar quando o sol estiver rachando!